Professor Argon's Theories

Professor Argon developed many theories about the mysterious Dabberwocky monsters.
We have extracted one or two from his journals for you to read.

Where are they from?

Quite simply the greatest question I could ponder and still, after all this time, I do not have a definitive answer. I am sure that we are not talking about another realm, another world or some form of warped parallel existence.
But I confess that is largely due to the fact that I have never found such a thing. It is entirely likely that these creatures are indeed highly developed and more than capable of passing between this world and another. That I should find this idea quite absurd when I am clearly living with monsters is itself an absurdity.
I simply have no clue as to their origin. Without actually attempting to communicate with a Dabberwock it seems impossible to find any information of value.
And since I am far too scared to even acknowledge the existence of these beings I suppose I will remain permanently none-the-wiser.

Why are they here?

Oh I can assure you that I have considered every possible explanation.
An accident, a biological bi-product of some bizarre experiment, Nazi foul play (though of course Hitler's Germany didn't exist until recently) and even the remnance of some Victorian freak show.
No, the truth is it is almost impossible to determin why they should be here. Even more impossible to determin why they should be here and only here.
I have travelled the length and breadth of the country and never have I seen anything that remotely resembles a Dabberwock.
But of all the questions this is the one that intruiges me the most. Nantwich is built atop a natural brine resource. Could this be the reason for their being here?
Do these peculiar creatures thrive on what this town has in abundance?
But if that were the case would I not have seen them at other natural brine resources in Cheshire? Middlewich, Northwich.
There are few things that Nantwich has exclusively so if it is not to be some environmental coincidence then perhaps we are dealing with something supernatural.
Could these creatures be limited in their ability to wander? Kept at bay by a greater or higher spirit. Could it even be that these creatures are merely pawns in a far greater game of chess that has been playing out in Nantwich for centuries?

Are they really monsters or just unfortunate people?

I have no doubt that these creatures are anything but fortunate. Though I can point to a number of cases where the Dabberwocky are a menace and indeed extremely intimidating, for the most part they are quite pathetic.
That they are beasts is not in question but I cannot shake the notion that they are in fact the victims of some awful twist of fate. That they should be human and at the same time inhuman tells me that they cannot be truly monstrous.

Do the Dabberwocky communicate with each other?

I have for many years looked for signs of communication between the Dabberwocky.
Occasionally I have seen marks on the walls and doors of prominent public buildings. Most notably the church at St. Mary's in Nantwich.
These marks are indeed unusual and more closely resemble marks made by a claw. Claws, it seems, are a common feature of the Dabberwocky.
Though I have never seen more than one Dabberwock at any one time, I am sure that they are aware of each other's existence. It makes perfect sense that somehow they must communicate with one another.
But why? And how? These are the main questions.
As I grow older I fear that I will never uncover the truth about the strange habits of these wretched creatures.
Worse, there appears to be no consistency in the markings that I have found. Nor for that matter have I anything to prove their authenticity.

Why is their appearance disguised during the day?

This is indeed the work of something beyond the realms of human comprehension.
Magic, to you and I. Some form of dark art that is able to cloak the hideous appearance by daylight but which slips like a wet mask as night falls.
I have no explanation for the science of such a phenomenon but it strikes me as fairly obvious as to why these creatures should want to conceal their identity.
And this of course leads to the obvious theories of their evolution. As the great Darwin has written it is only the fittest and most adaptable of species that can survive against the odds.
If the Dabberwocky are to be considered a species then they are surely the most remarkable of all species that inhabit planet Earth.