Here we present some downloadable content.
If you are drawing your own Dabberwock for the exhibition, we ask that you download the PDF Monster Sheet.
To submit your drawings to the exhibition please supply a name, age and name for your Dabberwocky.
Have fun :)

CharacterClarissa Tumbledown
CharacterFilbert Dibbleswade
CharacterFrancis Monk
CharacterHairy Mary McClary
CharacterHenrietta Dumpling
CharacterMackie Noo
CharacterMarcie Bucklefoot
CharacterMarjorie Hall
CharacterRodney Foolswig
CharacterRosemary Thorn
CharacterSnivelus Grime
CharacterVictoria Pettigrew
Downloadable content imageMap of Nantwich (with secret monster sightings!) (A5)1.1Mb
Downloadable content imageBook launch flyer (A5)582Kb
Downloadable content imageMonster sheet (A4)2.1Mb
Downloadable content imagePromotional poster (A4)2.7Mb