An introduction to the Dabberwocky

Welcome my young explorer. I hope that you are ready for a fantastic adventure. The Legend of the Dabberwocky
Nantwich is a magical town. But it also has a dark and creepy secret. A secret which you will, I'm sure, be rather curious to discover by now.
Hopefully you have your copy of my Great, Great Grandfather's journal. If not I'm told that you can get one at the Nantwich Bookshop, on the square. In it you will read all about the most mysterious phenomenon known to locals as the Dabberwocky!

Dabberwocky are monsters that look like real people. They use their human form as a disguise so that they can walk around during the day. But by night fall... deary me. By night fall they are not at all human. They are also extremely careful not to be spotted. But some have been spotted. My Great, Great Grandfather's journal will tell you all about those sightings.
Now let me tell you about my own experience. This isn't in the journal but there is room at the back for you to make your own notes and sketch your own picture of the monster.
Don't forget we will be showing all of your drawings, sketches and paintings in our great Dabberwocky exhibition so be sure to create some fantastic pictures for us!

It all happened one cold and blustery night.
I was walking home from a friend's house on Welsh Row. The moon was full and the stars were shining ever-so brightly. There was really no need for street lights!
I normally walk along the river but on this occasion I walked up through town and across the square.
I think it must have been as I approached The Crown Mews. I heard something very strange. Almost like something slithering across the stone floor.
I thought it most unusual. I'm not sure you would actually hear such a thing but I definitely heard something. It sent a chill the full length of my spine.

So, of course, I stopped and turned to take a look. I could see nothing. Certainly nothing slithering.
Then as I turned back to continue walking it stood before me. All 10 feet of it. It towered over me.
I did think about screaming, of course I did. But luckily I held it in. I'm pretty sure it would have attacked me if I'd made a noise. As it was I'm not even sure it saw me. I just stood still. Like a statue.
Its large head just turned slowly from side to side. As if it were sniffing the night air. It had no legs and, rather, sat on the floor as opposed to stand on it. Much like a slug.
It had large spots all over its slimy skin and what looked for all the world like tiny horns sticking out from its head. Its eyes were huge. Big and yellow. It had tiny, stumpy arms and long, claw-like fingers on its hands. The Legend of the Dabberwocky But it's the mouth that I remember the most. Like a huge wet hole in its face. It had no teeth. But its mouth just hung open and dripped slobber. Quite creepy.
It was only as it turned to slither away that I noticed what looked like a tail hanging from its bottom lip. A tail! Sheesh. The very thought turns me ice cold.
As it slithered away I hurried along and was home in no time at all.
I knew at that moment precisely why my Great, Great Grandfather had been so interested in the Dabberwocky.

So now it's over to you my young hero. Explore the town, find the clues and enjoy writing & drawing in your journal. Be sure to write down enough information from the stories that you read to be able to draw a clear picture of the monsters. The Legend of the Dabberwocky Be brave and happy monster hunting!

W Sprockitt

William Daniel Argon Sprockitt