The Legend of the Dabberwocky - The Book

The book The Legend of the Dabberwocky is only available to purchase from The Nantwich Bookshop. The Legend of the Dabberwocky
Once you have your book you are at the very start of your adventure. The book is essentially Professor Argon's journal of notes and sketches.
There are his paintings of the most hideous monsters that he encoutered as well as some sketches from his sketchbooks.

You will also discover stories of Dabberwocky encounters that Professor Argon had himself collected.
But best of all there are the names of a number of people who have their own story to tell but whose story has never been told. Each story can be found within the town and you can write your notes and draw your pictures based on what you discover.

By owning a copy of Professor Argon's journal you become part of the fantastic adventure that he started over a hundred years ago.