About the Author

The Legend of the Dabberwocky The Legend of the Dabberwocky - Author is the work of Nantwich-based author and illustrator, Mark Wilf Wilcox. (Wilf coming from a childhood nickname).
From an early age Mark has created his own fantasy adventures and brought them to life with his distinctive blend of cartoon and illustrative art.

Dabberwocky is his fourth book and his first truly interactive story.

I wanted to create something that is more than just a story. I wanted to create an experience for the children to be a part of.
Nantwich is a beautiful town with a rich history and I saw it as the perfect setting for something fantastic.

As an author and illustrator Mark draws his inspiration from many places.

Roald Dahl was always my favourite author as a boy. In fact growing up I remember reading and re-reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and its rather creepy sequel, The Great Glass Elevator.
There was something about his style that intrigued me and encouraged me to write my own stories.

Mark spends as much of his time in schools reading his fantastic creations to the children and encouraging them to write and draw their own adventures, as he does crafting his stories.
Teaching is very much at the heart of his motivation for being an author and illustrator.

To see a child expressing themself through art and really getting in to the characters that they are creating, is a huge thrill.
I am a huge champion of play & pretend. Children must be children and processing their emotions through creativity is, for me, a vital part of development.

In addition to writing Mark also runs The Cartoon Academy. A series of workshops designed to teach children the wonderful art of cartooning.
Workshops run regularly throughout the year at Nantwich Museum.

For more information about Mark and updates on his work follow his Facebook page at facebook.com/artbywilf.